Safety, Health and Environment Policy

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Safety, Health and Environment Policy

JOMAC has growing concerns for safety, health and environment. It is one of basic responsibilities and a long-standing company commitment. We have an obligation to manage our resources in a manner that provides a safe, healthy and rewarding workplace for our employees, and protect the environment of the communities in which we do business. We have operational requirements, engineering standards and performance guidelines to direct this commitment.
We continually evaluate and change Safety, Health and Environment systems in accordance with regulatory requirements and global developments.
We consistently seek new ways to enhance the environmental performance of our operations and to protect the air, water and soil surrounding us. We engineer our work with modern designs and equipment to minimize their environmental impact.

It is our mission to ensure the safety of employees and the public, as well as company assets, by identifying hazards, controlling risks, educating and motivating management and employees, and their families to work safely. We promote the benefits of a healthy lifestyle amongst our employees. We support our employees by providing training and development of Safety, Health and Environment knowledge and skills.

We promote environmental awareness among our suppliers, contractors, customers, and other stakeholders on relevant environmental issues. We encourage key business partners to implement environmental policies and requirements and conform to internationally recognize environmental management standards.
We report accidents, incidents and near misses and investigating fully to identify lessons learned and prevents similar events occurring.

We set objectives for continual improvement of our environmental performance, and insist that senior management be accountable for achieving these objectives.
We will regularly evaluate the environmental management and performance of our business units and key business partners.

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